Marine Discovery Penzance - wildlife and dolphin watching boat trips
Duncan Jones skipper and researcher

Duncan Jones

Skipper/co-owner/resercher: Coming from a seafaring family and spending most of my life on or in the water, it was inevitable that I would develop an interest in marine wildlife and the world’s oceans. Whether I was out on the water sailing or surfing inshore with my friends, I was always fascinated by what surrounded me: dolphins joining us to play in the waves, curious seal heads popping up to check us out or a graceful fulmar soaring alongside the boat as we headed back to port. This led me to taking a degree in Marine Geography, which ended with specialising in marine ecology, pollution and conservation. Leaving university, I headed off to change the world! First I worked at a coastal countryside project and then set off to Latin America, where I volunteered on various marine projects, from a turtle conservation project in Guatemala to marine parks in Costa Rica , with a fair amount of surfing in between.

I also found myself helping to carry out an environmental impact assessment for a local pressure group in Mexico to try and prevent the development of an alleged ‘eco-tour’ resort in a sensitive area (unfortunately to no avail). I’m not comfortable with the term ‘Eco Tour’ to this day as it always seems to be misused. On returning to the UK I trained to become a teacher and returned to Cornwall to begin my teaching career. As much as I enjoyed teaching, I wanted to combine it with my love of the ocean, and a trip to Wales reminded me of an idea I had on leaving university. This idea developed over years of hard work into what is now Marine Discovery Penzance. Three boats and many years on I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than heading out into the mysterious blue in search of its amazing inhabitants and sharing the experience with guests equally as excited as I am about what we might see and what it will teach us. I still maintain my commitment to environmental issues and strive to make Marine Discovery Penzance as sustainable as possible. Have a look at our environment and research pages to see what we do at the moment and don’t forget to check back, because this is an area we are committed to and are constantly developing.