Marine Discovery Penzance - wildlife and dolphin watching boat trips
Hannah Jones co-owner and head guide

Hannah Jones

Head guide/co-owner: When we started Marine Discovery back in 2005, little did I think we would be where we are now! It has certainly been an amazing and interesting journey incorporating many twists and turns, and I can’t imagine having any other job now. I have always lived by the sea, apart from the three years I was at University and, growing up, I can’t remember not being fascinated by the animals that lived in the ocean. Like many little girls I was particularly nuts about dolphins. That interest has broadened and deepened to all the animals we encounter in our waters– though as people may tell you I can get rather “unscientific” about the grey seals we see and recognise on so many of our trips. Different jobs have taken me all round the country – I was an outdoor activity instructor for three years in various parts of Britain, and then trained as a teacher in Swansea , where I met Duncan.

After five years teaching, with Marine Discovery buzzing around in our heads, we were finally able to take the plunge and start the company in May 2005. For me one of the best things about running Marine Discovery is never knowing what we are going to find – certainly a pod of bow riding dolphins, or a massed frenzy of diving gannets are hard to beat, but seeing something truly unexpected and weird, such as a Portuguese man of war always gets us buzzing. For me, converting to the sailing catamaran has added something indefinable to the trips – yes the speed is slower, but sailing can add so much more to the wildlife experience. When we hoist the sails I look round at passengers, and there’s an “Aaaaah!” expression on their faces as the noise of the engines dies and they feel the sails fill and the water whoosh underneath them. And I promise you there’s almost nothing better in the world that riding on the netting and hearing the whistles and squeaks of bowriding dolphins as they communicate underneath you. I only wish I could understand what they were saying!