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Welcome to Marine Discovery Penzance

Join us on our sailing catamaran, Shearwater II, for a truly unique marine wildlife watching adventure. What makes West Cornwall such a special place for wildlife watching is its sheer diversity. Trips could encounter inquisitive grey seals and graceful seabirds, or various species of dolphins and porpoises, enigmatic ocean sunfish or even giants such as minke whales, basking sharks and leatherback turtles! Having these experiences under sail gives you the most special encounter possible, the quiet meaning you can hear the splashes of the gannets as they dive and the whistles of the dolphins as they bowride alongside us (check out our videos to see for yourself). You can also be reassured that the tour you have chosen is the most environmentally responsible option. Part of what makes Marine Discovery exceptional is that we use our trips to collect scientific data. No other tour company in the country does this to the same extent and it is an incredibly important part of our job.

 dolphin watching

We are hoping for good conditions this season so we can have another fantastic dolphin watching year.

Duncan, Hannah and their small team are completely dedicated to giving the best experience possible and are looking forward to welcoming you to Marine Discovery - In 2013 Marine Discovery won the Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watch Operator of the year.

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Marine Discovery Vouchers the perfect Christmas gift

The summer was good for dolphin, porpoise whale sightings and as we head in to Autumn we are excited to see if this will continue as normally it' a good time for cetacean watching off Cornwall. The key to good sighitngs in September, october and November is calm conditions. Like those in the video below; listen to this minke whale blow as it surfaces right next tous. They don't have a visible blow but it is certainly audible.


Below is an interesting underwater video I managed to capture of some bottlenose dolphin recently. The sightings have been good and wildlife watching is one of the top things to do in Cornwall.


Who's watching who - Bottlnose dolphins investigate the Go-pro camera.

A harbour porpoise mother and calf swim by - harbour porpoises are our smallest toothed whale.

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Fins everywhere: a large pod of bottlenose dolphins with many juveniles and calves.

common dolphins swim past

A visit from some common dolphins whilst out dolphin watching.

Contact details -
Tel - 07749 277110

Marine Discovery Penzance
Shed 5
Albert Pier
Penzance Harbour
TR18 2LL